In a MUN-conference each forum will work on multiple issues, these being on (current) relative topics. With our theme being 'Recognising Regeneration', we have chosen for the following issues for this year's conference:

General Assembly 1

  • Combating criminal activities on the dark web
  • The issue of private military companies being used in combat
  • Preventing violent conflicts over the ownership, use and extraction of natural resources

General Assembly 4

  • The autonomy and responsible use of Outer Space
  • The question of Hong Kong
  • The issue of the South China Sea conflict

General Assembly 6

  • The question of the legislative rights of repatriating terrorists
  • The issue of political influence on national press
  • Setting up legislations for genetic modification research

Environment Commission

  • Containment of wildfires as an international community
  • The viability of nuclear energy
  • The environmental impact of transport

Economic and Social Council

  • The question of aid dependency in LEDCs
  • Combating the spread of infectious diseases due to globalization
  • Addressing the problem of financialization and tweaking governmental economic policies to level global wealth

Security Council

  • The situation in Afghanistan
  • The situation in the Sahel region
  • The issue of extremism in India

Special Conference

  • The question of the political influence of multinational corporations
  • Combating worker exploitation by multinational corporations in LEDCs
  • The issue of job losses due to technological developments

Human Rights Commission

  • Solving uneducatedness among refugees
  • The issue of forced evictions in Kenya
  • The issue of deradicalization camps in China

North Atlantic Council

  • The question of the NATO-Russia council
  • The issue of the Iran deal
  • The question of the NATO member states’ dependency on China

Historical Committee (Year 1962)

  • The situation in the Caribbean Sea
  • The situation in Vietnam
  • Establishing a criminal court for international criminals

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