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Theme Photo

We herewith proudly present this year's Theme photo. To learn more about this year's theme click here.

Mailing II & Programme of Events

Mailing II has been added to our 'Downloads' page, which can be found under the menu-item 'Media' and is a downloadable PDF file for those who lost, or have not received, the email containing the paper. Click here to visit this page. As our second mailing has been sent out to all MUN-Directors and Single Delegates, we have refreshed our Programme of Events page. Click here to visit this page. The Programme of Events gives an overview of all activities at the conference. Take note that this is still a provisory publication.

New Website

First of all, welcome to our new IMUNA website. This website has been carefully designed and developed by our own Head of Information Technology: mr Jort van Leenen. The usage of this website is very similar to our previous design. All information necessary for this year's conference can be found under the menu-item: '2019 Conference'. Downloads (registration forms et cetera), pictures and social media links can be found under 'Media'. When the registration deadline is closed, more information will be published for our MUN-Directors to show the new process of logging into our database. I'd like to thank you for showing interest in IMUNA and in case there is an issue with the website, feel free to send an email to our Head of Information Technology by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He would gladly take any advice you have.

Theme 2019: Recognising Regeneration

The theme of the XXVI Annual Session of the International Model United Nations of Alkmaar has officially been announced! This year's theme is called: 'Recognising Regeneration', for more information go here. This also means that the Issues are now fixed. Take a look at those here.

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