The theme of the 25th anniversary of IMUNA is ‘Securing Security’.

A safe future is uncertain, now more than ever. Tension between nations is rising, and the already existing conflicts keep on getting worse. The theme of IMUNA 2018 is Securing Security, with which we want to focus on the humanitarian and environmental issues around the world. Even though humanitarian and environmental problems are sometimes an issue due to these armed conflicts, in some cases these issues are the reason the conflict itself cannot be resolved.

With the issues of this year related to the theme we aim to focus on securing a safe place for everyone, not only for people in or near a conflict area, but for everyone around the world in need of it. We hope that, through research and debate, the delegates of IMUNA 2018 will be able to find the best possible solutions for these issues, so that we can take the first step in securing security around the world.