Student Officers

Student Officers

A MUN-conference would be nothing without their student officers. Each of them is an experienced MUN-participant, and therefore extremely fit to take on a major responsibility: ensuring that all delegates participate in a great debate.


General Assembly 1 (GA1) – Disarmament and International Security

Chair (also GPA): Pieter van Lelyveld

Deputy: Selim Behar


General Assembly 3 (GA3) – Humanitarian and Cultural

Chair: Celeste de Jong

Deputy: Meike Beerens


General Assembly 4 (GA4) – Special Political and Decolonization

Chair: Nicolas Fattoruso Delgado

Deputy: Quinten Rooseboom


Security Council (SC)

President: Toon van der Struijk

Deputy: Camiel Hilberts


North Atlantic Council (NAC)

President: Julian van Halteren

Deputy: Mees van Nouhuys


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

President: Joshil Pillay

Deputy: Finn Damhoff


Human Right Commission (HRC)

President: Sam Prinse

Deputy: Karla Roso


Environment Commission (EC)

President: Suus Kooijman

Deputy: Mathilde Nabben


Sustainable Development Commission (SDC)

President: James Ward

Deputy: Anna Kawauchi