Committees & Issues

Committees & Issues

At an IMUNA conference, each division, forum or committee, will work on three issues, these being on (current) topics relative to the chosen theme of the conference. After the committees and issues are announced, they will be displayed below. The names of our Student Officers will be added to their respective committees on this page after they have been appointed. If we receive a Research Report from a Student Officer it will get added as a download to its related issue through the use of a hyperlink.

General Assembly 1 – Disarmament and International Security (GA1)


  • Measures to Eradicate and to Prevent the Rise of Armed Groups
  • Implementing Measures to Decrease the Nuclear Stockpile

Chaired by: Hidde van der Ligt and Rudraksha Garg

General Assembly 3 – Social, Humanitarian and Cultural (GA3)


  • Combating Glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and Other Practices That Contribute to Fuelling Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance
  • Improving the Provision of Humanitarian Aid in the Form of Healthcare During Crises

Chaired by: Miyuki Blankers and Justice Lopez Jorge

General Assembly 4 – Special Political and Decolonization (GA4)


  • The Question of the Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Developing Measures to Return Cultural Artefacts Taken from Former Colonies to their Country of Origin

Chaired by: Linde Houtzagers and Josephine Mooij

General Assembly Plenary (GAP)


  • Ensuring Transitional Justice and Improving Post-Conflict Peacekeeping

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)


  • Sub-forum 1: Measures to Improve Working Conditions in the Clothing Industry and to Punish the Violation of Fair Working Conditions
  • Sub-forum 2: Ensuring Job Safety with the Rise of Automation
  • Sub-forum 3: Strengthening Cooperation on Regional Development to Foster Accessibility to Green Finance in Developing Countries

Chaired by: Rohan Ramnathsing and Jahnavi Lakshminarayanan

Security Council (SC)


  • The Issue of the Situation in Gaza
  • The Issue of the Situation in Yemen
  • Resolving the Myanmar Civil War

Chaired by: Laetitia Kim and Edward Connor

North Atlantic Council (NAC)


  • Measures to Strengthen the Response to Hybrid Threats
  • The Protection of Allied Critical Undersea Infrastructure
  • The Question of Future-proofing NATO against Increasing Strategic Competition and Instability

Chaired by: Sijmen Tool and Krishna Rao

Human Rights Commission (HRC)


  • Improving the Protection of Cultural Rights and Cultural Heritage
  • Measures to Eradicate Human Rights Violations in the Tobacco Industry
  • The Question of Gender Equality and Eradicating Gender-Based Violence

Chaired by: Órla Stockmann and Lucie Kwaaitaal

Environment Commission (EC)


  • The Question of the Impact of the Textile Industry on the Environment
  • Measures to Reduce Environmental Damage caused by Pesticides and Fertilisers Used in Intensive Agriculture
  • Reducing the Rise of Sea Levels and Securing Protection against Floods

Chaired by: Amelia Winceniak and Féline Krikke

The First Special Conference on ”Breaking Boundaries” (SpC1)


  • Securing Electoral Integrity and Enhancing Voter Participation
  • Narrowing the Digital Divide to Improve Access to Information and Resources

Chaired by: Daphne de Haas and Marjolein Tangelder

Second Special Conference on ”Breaking Boundaries” (SpC2)


  • Reassuring the Protection of Freedom of Press and Art
  • Emphasising the Importance of Clarity and Transparency from Public Authorities

Chaired by: Aisha de Groot and Isabel Cremers

Special Conference Plenary (SpCP)


  • Measures to Reduce the Spreading of Misinformation in Mass Media

Historical Security Council- February 1st, 1991 (HC)


  • Preventing further escalation in the Gulf War
  • Combating the Rising Tensions in Yugoslavia
  • Measures to bring an end to the armed rebellion in Northern Ireland

Chaired by: Elliot Slembrouck and Livia Preden

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)


  • Suppressing the Distribution of Illegally Obtained Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Prohibiting the Disposal of Drug Waste
  • Encouraging the Usage of Community-Based Crime Prevention in Disadvantaged Areas

Chaired by: Xaime Rodal and Anastacia Piersma