Participating in the IMUNA conference is a great learning experience for all and a fantastic way to make new friends from all over the world. Participation can be done in various ways, such as signing up as a DelegateStudent OfficerHost Family, Catering or Administrative Assistant or Press.

Registration is now closed

The registration for the IMUNA conference of 2022 is now closed.

Participate as Host Family (Gastgezin)

 During this years edition it is again possible to house delegates from all over the world! Signing up as a Host Family can be done by clicking the button below.

Participate as Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants are primarily responsible for helping the Student Officers in committees and forums, although they perform various other administrative tasks during the conference as well. Signing up as an Administrative Assistant is done by clicking the button below, which will redirect to a digital form.

Participate as Catering Assistant

Catering Assistants are in charge of making lunch during the conference. Signing up as Catering assistant can be done by clicking the button below.

Join as Visitor

We allow visitors during our conference. To visit the IMUNA conference as a visitor, please send an email to the Secretary-General in advance regarding the day(s) you would like to visit and whether you would like to enjoy some lunch as well.


  • Visitor’s badge for one day without lunch: 5,-
  • Visitor’s badge for one day including lunch: €10,-