Each year’s theme describes the general topic to which all issues, debated in the different divisions, will relate.

Limitless Liberty: Violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Its Consequences’

The theme of the 29th edition of IMUNA is ‘Limitless Liberty’.

Freedom and equality have always played a major role in our lives. The quest for more freedom has led to various laws and regulations that have created a freer, and thus better, world for everyone. However, recent events have shown that this can suddenly alter. The situation in Ukraine, for instance, has shown us that the certainty of security and protection of one’s rights can just fall away, with all its consequences. With this year’s theme, we want to show how important it is that our freedom and rights are protected, and that the violation thereof can have serious consequences.

With the issues of IMUNA 2023, we aim to create a safer and freer world, for the benefit of both people and nature. Because in addition to the protection of human rights, the protection of nature is also of central importance, as we cannot do without it. Therefore, we hope that, through research and debate, the delegates will be able to find suitable solutions for these issues, so we can form a world with ‘limitless liberties’.