Each year’s theme describes the general topic all issues, debated about in the different divisions, will relate to.

The theme of the XXVIII Annual Session of IMUNA is ‘Healthy Planet: Heal the earth while we still can’.


The last few years have proven how important it is for countries to work together. Covid-19 has taken over our lives in rapid speed. Not only has the pandemic been of great impact in our individual lives, also the environmental and humanitarian issues have risen once again. The theme of IMUNA 2022 is ‘a Healthy Planet’, with the focus on the different aspects that can make a world healthy. Even though ‘a healthy planet’ can have various meanings for every individual, it is important to discuss these differences. 

With the issues of this year, we aim to focus on creating a healthy planet for everyone. If we do not intervene now, it may have a huge impact on what we eventually will be able to accomplish in the future. We hope that, through research and debate, the delegates will be able to find the best possible solutions for these issues, so that we can take the first step in making our planet a healthy

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