Each year’s theme describes the general topic to which all issues, debated in the different divisions, will relate.

‘Breaking Boundaries: Navigating Polarisation and Fostering Global Cooperation for a Unified Tomorrow’

The theme of the 30th edition of IMUNA is ‘Breaking Boundaries ‘.

In a world where various problems arise in the areas of human rights, poverty, climate, and more, it shows how important it is to discuss these difficulties. Breaking boundaries involves the courageous act of transcending divisions and navigating through the currents of polarisation that often fragment societies. With this year’s theme, we want to address the pressing need for unity amidst growing global divisions and underline the importance of international collaboration in an effort to overcome polarisation.

With debating the issues of IMUNA 2024, we aim to create a more unified world, for the benefit of all. Only through collective efforts and a commitment to mutual respect can we dismantle barriers and create a world where cooperation triumphs over division, and unity prevails amidst diversity. Therefore, we hope that, through research and debate, the delegates will be able to find suitable solutions for these issues, to break these boundaries and to create a unified tomorrow.