Each year’s theme describes the general topic all issues, debated about in the different divisions, will relate to.

The theme of the XXVII Annual Session of IMUNA is ‘An international society: Sovereignty in a globalized world’.

Each year, we become more and more connected to each other. The rising amount of information, new technologies, and infrastructure all seem to have boosted the global economy and research institutions. We have reached a point where life without instant connection with the rest of the world is not imaginable. However, there is a part of globalization that is quite problematic: countries become so connected (socially, politically, or economically) that they can lose their autonomy and sovereignty and get limited by each other. There is a fine line between cooperating countries and codependent countries.
It is the people’s need for freedom and representation that leads them to radical thoughts and actions. We see it happening quite often: people pulling away from the established order. The abundance of information lets us have opinions. Those opinions are, however, often polarized. Political parties focus on their own fixated point of view, making compromises hard to achieve.
During this conference, we need to set up clear boundaries on the extent to which globalization may affect countries’ autonomy, as well as to try and resolve the radical events happening right now and prevent them from happening in the future.

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