This page contains the necessary information and easy-to-follow directions to reach the IMUNA conference venue from the most common departure places. Finding directions to our conference yourself is, of course, possible and can be done through various online tools: the most common ones being 9292 and the NS Journey Planner. It should be noted that the ‘NS Journey Planner’ remains primarily focused on transport by train, as it is maintained by a Dutch railway company. We recommend you to make use of 9292, as 9292 enables you to buy a single ticket for the entire journey, even if this includes multiple carriers.

Please note that all schools are responsible for their own transport to, from and within Alkmaar, unless otherwise arranged.

From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Alkmaar Station

Travelling from the airport to the conference is easiest done by taking a cab or by making use of public transport. While we only discuss two options below, you can take a look at the entire list of options provided by the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Travel by Cab

Costs: depended on the driver – Duration: approximately 45 min

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers various types of cabs. If you are travelling with a large delegation, their offering of larger cabs might be ideal. Taking these taxi’s is not only more economical, but it is also cheaper! Otherwise, you will be better off with a regular cab or a business cab, the latter being a more luxurious vehicle with additional services.

Travel by Train

Costs: €11,-  – Duration: approximately 60 min

After arrival, head to the NS train station, which is located directly below the terminal building. Take the NS Sprinter heading to ‘Hoorn Kersenboogerd’ and get off at the station ‘Amsterdam Sloterdijk’. From there you can take the NS Intercity heading to ‘Alkmaar’ and simply get off at ‘Alkmaar’, you have arrived! More extensive information on travelling by train can be found on the Schiphol website.

From Alkmaar Station

While travelling to our conference from Alkmaar Station is technically possible by making use of a cab or the bus, we decided to only list directions when walking, as it is a very short distance (600 m) and therefore going by foot is often much more economical and practical.

By foot

Costs: none – Duration: approximately 10 min (600 meter/0.37 miles)

After arrival, leave the platform by using the traverse. Head over to the centre-side of the station, this side can be easily located by following the signs to platform 1, which is located at the centre-side (do not actually enter platform 1). Cross the road by using the nearest pedestrian crossing and head to the right. Continue following the Stationsweg, until you arrive at a crossroad. Go left towards a near roundabout by crossing the road using the pedestrian crossings at the crossroad. Continue straight ahead and after turning the corner, the Murmellius Gymnasium, the building in which the IMUNA conference is held each year, can be spotted at your right side. It can easily be recognized by its tower with a clock and a light bluish-green turned copper roof.