Conditions and Conduct for Participation in the IMUNA Conferences

Conditions and Conduct for Participation in the IMUNA Conferences

(Last changed on 24/11/2022)

The participation conditions and rules of conduct on this page are a copy of those found within the Handbook for Participation. The IMUNA Foundation has the right to adjust the conditions and/or rules of conduct for participation in the IMUNA Conferences at any time due to continuous developments.  Therefore, please read this statement regularly to stay informed of any changes.

To increase readability, we have decided to split the document in three sections:

General Conditions for participation, for more information on the general conditions that apply to participation in the IMUNA Conferences.

Financial terms for participation, for more information on the financial terms that apply after registrering as participant for the IMUNA Conferences.

Conduct and behaviour for participants, for more information on the rules of conduct and expected behaviour from our participants.

General Conditions for Participation in the IMUNA Conferences (Last changed on 23/04/2021)

Article 1. The IMUNA Foundation, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Alkmaar under the name “Stichting I.M.U.N.A.”, is the organiser of the IMUNA Conference. The IMUNA Foundation shall further be referred to as “the organiser” and the IMUNA Conference shall be referred to as “the conference”.

Article 2. The conference is an activity for high school students and only high school students may participate in it. The organiser may waive this requirement if it deems it necessary. The conference is a three-day youth conference that models the United Nations and related organisations.

Article 3. For the purpose of the conference, delegates, Student Officers and Press members are referred to as “student participants”; MUN-Directors and chaperones are referred to as “adult participants”.

Article 4. In order to participate, participants must register with the organiser through the procedure described in the Handbook for Participation in the IMUNA Conference, referred to as “the handbook”. The organiser may decide to exclude participants from participation and/or decide to apply rates for changes, substitutions and/or cancellations if participants do not act in accordance with the prescribed procedure.

Article 5. All rules stated in the handbook apply at all times to every person participating in the conference.

Article 6. Participants may participate on an individual basis or as a school delegation.

Article 7. School delegations must at least have one adult accompanying them. This person is referred to as “MUN-Director”. The MUN-Director is responsible for the delegation as a whole. The MUN-Director is the main contact for the organiser for a school delegation.

Article 8. The participating school is, through its MUN-Director, responsible for all payments to the organiser. All fees must be transmitted to the IMUNA bank account as mentioned in the handbook before a deadline decided upon by the organiser.

Article 9. All participants must behave in accordance with the conduct and behaviour as stated in the handbook. The organiser may remove any participant from the conference and/or exclude any participant from participation in case of deviation from these rules.

Article 10. All participants registered with the conference must attend the conference. Participants that are for any reason unable to attend the conference must make this known in writing to the organiser without delay. If the organiser is confronted with extra costs due to the non-attendance of a participant for any reason, the respective participant must bear those. Not attending after being registered is interpreted by the organiser as cancelling and as a result, all cancellation regulations apply.

Article 11. All participants must be fully prepared at the conference. Not acting in accordance with this rule can be a basis for the organiser to exclude a participant from participation and/or to remove the participant from the conference.

Article 12. All student and adult participants give permission to the I.M.U.N.A. Foundation and its affiliates to be photographed and/or filmed during the conference. The footage may be used internally, for example for the IMMUNE, our daily newspaper at the IMUNA Conference, but may also be used externally (publicly), such as for our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) or our website (Photo Gallery). To revoke your consent for either or both, please reach out to the Head of Information Technology prior to the conference.

Article 13. In case a participant is removed or excluded from the conference for reasons stated in this handbook, the participant is not ineligible for a refund in any way.

Article 14. The current IMUNA Rules of Procedure apply to the conference at all times. Not acting in accordance with this rule can be a basis for the organiser to exclude a participant from participation and/or to remove the participant from the conference.

Financial terms for Participation in the IMUNA Conferences (Last changed on 23/04/2021)

Changes and substitutions

At a date to be set by the organisation in the second mailing the Online Registration System will close. The organisation will charge an administrative fee for all changes to the ORS data submitted after that deadline. All such changes must be submitted to the Secretariat in writing by the Primary MUN-Director. The administrative fee is € 5.00 per record changed in the ORS.


In case of cancellation of individual participants or whole schools, the organisation charges a cancellation fee. Cancellations must be submitted to the organisation in writing. The cancellation costs will vary according to the date that the written cancellation is received by the Secretariat.

50% of the total amount based on the number of participants stated on the School Registration Form is due in case of cancellation on or after 13 February 2022 and before 1 April 2022.

80% of the total amount based on the number of participants stated on the School Registration Form if the statement of account is not dispatched yet is due in case of cancellation on or after 1 April 2022 and before 6 May 2022. If the statement of account is dispatched at that time, the total amount based on the number of participants stated on the School Registration Form is due.

100% of the total amount stated on the statement of account is due in case of cancellation on or after 6 May 2022.

Conduct and behaviour for participants in the IMUNA Conference (Last changed on 23/04/2021)

Participant’s responsibility

IMUNA is a UN simulation and students are regarded as diplomats and ambassadors of the countries and organisations they are representing as well as representatives of their school. This implies that participants need to behave accordingly, and achieve a high standard of conduct at all times, especially during conference sessions but also outside the building.

It is important that all participants realise that IMUNA is dependent on maintaining good relations with the local diplomatic and business communities, as well as the staff of the hosting school and the city of Alkmaar. Therefore, schools are expected to select their students carefully, and not select students that might create disciplinary problems. This is not only for the good name of IMUNA, but also for the good name of the concerning school. Schools must bear in mind that they attend the conference by invitation, and that future invitations might be withheld from schools that are not able to ensure that their students conform to the high standards of behaviour.

MUN Director’s responsibility

All students must be accompanied by one or
more adult MUN-Directors. MUN-Directors are responsible for the organisational aspect of the delegation, i.e. making travel and accommodation arrangements, organising a delegation and training that delegation. They are responsible financially and are the main representatives of the participating school. MUN-Directors must be teachers of the participating school, or adults otherwise related to that school. Exceptions to this rule are only possible after the IMUNA Organisation explicitly permitted deviation from the rule.

Furthermore, MUN-Directors bear responsibility for the behaviour of the delegates in and around the conference building, as well as in hotels and private homes. They should be present at the conference during the sessions.

Conduct in the conference building

Formal dress is required during all conference sessions. Participants should wear clothing that actual UN delegates would be expected to wear during sessions. In order not to cause offence to other delegates, national dress and military uniforms are forbidden.

All participants must be courteous to the Conference Staff at all times. The Administrative Staff, as well as the Executive Staff, consists solely of volunteers that dedicate their time to serve the participants.

Smoking will be strictly prohibited in the conference building. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs is explicitly forbidden at the conference premises at all times. Mobile phones must be switched off in the forums at all times.

Conduct in hotels and private homes

Students must be polite and considerate to host families, hotel staff and fellow residents at all times. Students staying with host families should always comply with the house rules. Please remember that these families might not extend the same help again after an unpleasant experience. Students must remember that any noise is unacceptable after 10 p.m.